Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bloody Weather

Sometimes I hate living in this country with our poxy climate.

The wettest April in 100 years has put paid to a years preparations for what was to be the 10th Anniversary of the popular event and an early decision was forced on them this week with no prospect of holding the tournament as much of the showground is under water following recent heavy rain. With more rain forcast the there is no prospect of the site drying to a manageable state prior to the event scheduled to begin on Saturday.

The area set aside for camping is also unfit and knowing the volume of vehicles and supplies required to host the event together with anticipated foot fall would have made the whole site and playing areas unfit.

That's our plans for this weekend away in the caravan wiped out.  It was supposed to be the boy's last outing together before moving up to youth rugby.  To make it worse, some of the parents had shelled out considerable amounts of cash to hire Camper Vans for the weekend.

The dilema now, is where can we find to go?  It's a bank holiday weekend, so most places will be full, and of those with space, how many would be willing to take on a rigby side for the weekend?

We need 16 pitches and it's looking grim.

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