Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Toy

Having a BBQ'd evening meal is part and parcel of spending time in the caravan.  I am a big fan of Weber kettle bbqs and have a full sized one at home and a medium sized one that travels with us in the caravan.

When we changed the caravan last November, herself declared that my dirty and greasy faithfull was not allowed to travel inside the caravan.  Previously, when we had the Shogun this would not have presented a problem as there was enough space in the boot for the dogs and the bbq.  However, having scaled down to Mandy, it was either the bbq or the dogs had to go.

Herself won, and the dogs are still with us!

The hunt was now on for a new bbq for the caravan.  I know Mr Shag won't approve, but a move towards gas was the only viable option.

Two reasons for this:-

  1. The quality of charcoal seems to be deteriorating year on year.
  2. Cleaner.
So the hunt was on for a gas bbq and my shopping list was:-

  1. Gas powered
  2. Reasonable cooking area
  3. Fold down small enough to be stored under the bed
  4. Have the ability to be used as a griddle for breakfasts
  5. Have the ability to be used as an oven for roasts.
It was norrowed down the three front runners.

  1. BillyOH portable
  2. Cadac
  3. WeberQ120
The BillyOH doed not have a griddle, but I was going to adapt a griddle pan that I already have.  I have owned a Cadac before, but sold the heap of junk.  So meet my new toy.......

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