Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More Robbing Bar Stewards

Another rant on the theme of being ripped off sorry.

From earlier posts you will know that I need one of these to attach my new BBQ to my newly installed Gas BBQ point on the caravan.

Shopping around I was horrified to note that the going rate for one of these starts at around £27 plus delivery from on line retailers, with stores charging a whopping £36 for them.  Just because they are endorsed by Webber FFS mun!

There is no way, not as long as I have a hole in my rear end, that I was going to pay that.  A trip was made to Brisco in Swansea where I was able to purchase 5m of 8mm hose (as opposed to the measly 2m that Webber supply), fittings for either end and a few jubilee clips for under £12.

Under 5 mins to make the hose up when I got home and the job's a good un.  So, Mr Webber, you can stick your £36 adaptor where the sun don't shine!

Rant over.

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