Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Year New Caravan

I often wonder if the autumn is the best time to buy a new caravan.  Yes there are some cracking deals to be had, but here we are in January. It's cold, damp and windy out there, which is not the best climate for caravanning with two lively, long coated border collies.

As a couple we have been caravanners for over 18 years but both herself and I holidayed in Caravans as children.  Our first van was a Bailey something or other manufactered in the early 70s.  We had that for 7 years before selling it on.

After a break of 2 years we both missed the caravan and the more regular trips away, so bought a 1984 Avondale Pearl Custom.  Very modern with plastic windows and fridge.  This we held onto until 2005 when we splashed out on a Mendip Magnum 556, ordered brand spanking new from the Earles Court show the previous autumn.

That van served well as a growing family for 6 years, and it travelled to Cornwall, Somerset, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, all over Wales as well as to London many times.  Our longest trips in her were to the Scottish Highlands in 2009 and the French Alps in 2010.

At 16 and 18 our boys no longer want to holiday with us and the 556was a big van to haul about with much space that we did not use.

At the start of November whilst aimlessly wandering around our local dealer we stumbled upon our dream van. It ticked all the boxes. Single axle, fixed bed and a separate proper washroom. Herself was sold. We now own a 2010 Bailey Pageant Sancerre.

So here we are in January, with a new caravan sitting on the drive with both of us itching to get out in it.