Tuesday, 8 May 2012

It pays to shop around

From earlier blogs you will be aware that I have recently purchased a new toy for time away and am now the proud owner of a Weber Q120 (even though Mr Shag claims that I am now a big poof).

By default, the grill runs off small canisters.......

Now these canisters sell for about £5 each and over the weekend a canister lasted me just 3 meals!  It was always the plan to ditch the canister idea, but going through them at that rate has hastened the fruition of that plan.

The idea is to get one of these conversion pipes

And as I already carry gas around with me I see little point in carrying another large bottle, so I now need one of these fitted to my van

It's an external bbq point that enables you to run the bbq off the caravan's gas.  The part retails at £45 but it is not possible to fit it as DIY for two reasons.

  1. I would probably make a hash of it, cutting a hole too big and having leaking gas pipes.
  2. Without it being fitted by a National Caravan Council approved workshop the warrantee on the caravan would be invalidated.
First stop was the dealer I bought the van from.  They wanted a whopping £150 for the job.  Next phone call was to an independant workshop who wanted £95, but I would still have to take the van to them as they "Would not recommend having a gas job done by a mobile workshop!" ..... cods wallop!

A large mobile company was contacted next who confirmed they could do the job for £94.  Great I said, when can you do it?  Late August was the reply!!!!!

I have now arranged for a local independant engineer to do the job.  He has quoted me £84 and can do it this Saturday afternoon.

Like the title says....... It pays to shop around.

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