Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Awning

You may recall that our old Full Size awning was too small for our new caravan.  Well we put that up for sale and had decided that we no longer needed a full awning as the kids don't come away with us much anymore.

While we were away in Devon and Cornwall we realised that we miss a full awning on longer breaks.  While down there we had 3 teenagers stopping with us for 5 nights and herself's parents were stopping at a nearby B&B for 3 nights.  We simply did not have the room for everyone to sit around.

Not only did we miss the extra space a full awning gives you, but in Devon we were on a sloping pitch and in Cornwall we were pitched on a rather exposed cliff top.  Those of you that caravan may appreciate that a porch or part awning does not sit particularly well on a sloping site and is also far less robust in high winds.

I took a phone call from someone who was interested in our awning while we were in Cornwall, and the gentleman concerned gave us the asking price for it on  our return.  The search was on for a good second hand one as we were loathed to pay the price for a brand new one for the use it would have in a year.

Searching e bay I was shocked at the money people were asking for rubbish, but the search continued of all the on line classified ads.  I stumbled across an ad that was placed last March in the Caravan Club Classified ads for an awning in the size we needed.

I hesitantly made contact with the seller as the ad was placed 5 months ago, but was pleased to note the awning was still for sale and that the seller lived not only in the same county as us but in the same town.

The awning was bought new in 2010 has been looked after and has only been used 3 times,  It is immaculate, and with a bit of haggling we got it for 40% of what it would have cost new.

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