Friday, 3 August 2012

Moaning Mandy

Since Monday or Tuesday Mandy has been making some terrible moaning and groaning noises - somewhat similar to those that women make when reading that 50 Shades of Grey book!

It had got to the point that it was getting embarrassing to be out in public with her.  I had no intention of being the next tourist to be ripped off by a local garage in Cornwall, so did what every sensible male would do ........... ignore the noise and pretend nothing is wrong!

Anyway, the out of sorts Mandy got us and the caravan home from Cornwall on Wednesday evening without missing a beat, but must have woken up half of Llangennech with her protestations with every gear change or change in direction.

Now home, the time had come to get it sorted, so Thursday morning saw me taking Mandy down to PC in the village.  After a quick fumble of Mandy's more private parts, PC ever so eloquently informs me that Mandy's power steering pump is f****d.

He gets on the blower to Fords who tell him that a new pump costs £380 plus the VAT.  Just what you need on returning from holiday ...... NOT.  Anyway, PC phones around and sources a reconditioned unit for the far more reasonable £125 plus VAT, so including fitting and fluids I'm staring £200 plus VAT down the barrel to replace the pump.

As arranged I dropped Mandy off with PC this morning and ask him to give her an MOT while she's with him.

Calling back early afternoon I am greeted by PC who informs me that I'm in for a shock.  He tells me this 3 or 4 times as if bracing me for bad news.  I am now expecting him to tell me that either the problem was far worse than expected or the MOT turned up some nasties.

After PC toying with me for a while I get the full story.

It transpires that the reconditioned unit was faulty so could therefore not be fitted, and while playing about with the existing pump some debris flew out.  PC then flushed out the system, re primed it, and the powers steering feels good as new!  Still waiting for the sucker punch I tentatively ask about the MOT.  "Yes, it's passed no problem" he says "but you'll need to change the brake pads in a few months."

It pays to use a garage you can trust.  There are many out there that would have fitted  a new pump regardless.  PC didn't do this, which is the reason why he gets our repeat business.

My wallet is now less than £100 lighter, which I consider to be very reasonable for about 2 hours labour, fluids and an MOT, and Mandy is no longer moaning and groaning in public.

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