Sunday, 7 October 2012

Billy no mates ...... again!!!

Where has all the time gone?

Usually we manage to sneak a few cheeky weekends away in the van during September, but not this year.

Roids has now moved up to Youth Rugby, and now plays on a Saturday, and as we watch him whenever we can that means Saturday is taken out of the loop even if we did escape to somewhere local.  There really seemed little point going off after work on a Friday, then leaving the site all day Saturday just to pack up again on a Sunday.

So we were looking forward to a week away during half term week with Mr & Mrs Shag and Mr & Mrs Tatasports. The Caravan Club site at Longleat was the destination of choice.

A monumental cock up on my part has resulted in us booking a pitch at Longleat for 27th October onwards, but booking leave from work for 20th onwards - which IS NOT half term.  We're buggered!!  Herself cannot change her leave and Mrs Shag likewise!!

So we find ourselves going away the week before half term on our bloody own again!!  We've gone off the idea of Longleat after having stayed there twice before, and with no kids in tow we probably wouldn't bother with any of the attractions there anyway!

The hunt is on for a destination, and it had been narrowed down to 3.

We like going down to the South coast that late in the year because their weather is so much milder and dryer than ours in Wales, but have really exhausted things to see and do having stayed in the area in 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010.

Red Funnel have a great offer on at the moment, and 5 nights on The Isle of Wight is under £150 including the cost of a return ferry.  We're a little uncomfortable with crossing over for a few reasons.  Firstly, my last excursion onto the island as a 19 year old student ended with me being escorted off the island by the local constabulary for an unfortunate incident involving a park bench and a greenhouse, and the words "Don't ever come back!" are still ringing in my ears.  Secondly, herself's mam is still not very well, and her health has it's ups and downs and if she's not well herself would not relax while away knowing we are an expensive ferry ride away from the mainland.  And lastly, it's quite possible that Roids could have two training sessions and a match during the Monday to Friday that we are away.  He plays rugby, in the front row, where there is no hiding place, and if he were to get injured...........

We may still go over to the island, but that would be dependant on herself's mam being in reasonably good health and Roids not having a game that week.

That said, as a backstop I have a pitch reserved at the Caravan Club Exmoor House site in North West Somerset.  It's an area we've not stayed in before, is 100% hard standing, cheap as chips and if needs be we can be home in a matter of hours.

A decision on our destination will be made within 73 hours of when we are due to leave, but no matter where, I do like breaks at the end of October ....... Billy no mates or not!

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