Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Snow Shoes or Flip Flops

Easter is usually the first trip out of the year, and as it falls in early April this year you would expect it to be cold, and at best hope for a little bit of sun and be happy with it.

But this year our very unpredicatble climate has thrown a bloody great big spanner into the works.  Last week we had wall to wall sunshine, and whilst the evenings turned cool, the days saw temperatures chasing the mercury and a vast display of early season pale and pastey legs sticking out of the bottom of last years bermudas!

So, looking towards this weekend, with the kitchen table loaded with tee shirts, shorts and flip flops ready to be loaded into our caravan for the easter weekend away the weather goes and has a hissy fit.  The sun has gone into hiding, the mercury has rediscovered gravity and there is bloody snow falling in the north of the country.

It won't stop our weekend away, and it won't be the first or last time that me and Mr Shag spend the evening huddled around a halogen fire in the awning getting corned beef legs whilst doing our very best to induce a cider shortage in South Wales.

This weekend we are not only joined by Mr & Mrs (well almost) Shag, but also the initially very confusing combination of both their brother (in law) and sister (in law) -DONT ASK- in the shape of Mr & Mrs Tatasports.

Just adults this weekend though as WannabePikey jnr#1&2 and Mini shag are now far too cool to spend time with their binge drinking parents on a caravan site.

But (and it's a big but thats going to casue a whole lotta stress) between us we have 6 dogs - yes 6 - who don't all get on.  Cerys and Scarlet are a pair of bitches who despise the ground that each other walk on, Tali just wants to hump Gwen (who would be more than happy to let him do so), Peaches is just dopey and will spend the weekend climbing on tables looking for food and a also dog that spends all day trying to impersonate a sheep!

If I had a crystal ball I'd bet that looking towards 2.30am on Saturday morning will see the wimmen being sensible and long gone to bed, Me wishing that Mr Shag would go to bed, Mr Shag coming back to the awning with another 6 cans of bow declaring "Right, I'll drink these then I'll be off!" and Mr Tatasports on his chin straps sitting bolt upright in the awning.

Would I change it?  Would I bollox.

Oh yes! Snow shoes or flip flops?

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