Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What a day!!!!!

Today had been a good day, nothing at all to do with caravans, but never the less a very good day.

It was Welsh Rugby Union Schools cup final matches today.  There were three games to be played at U15s, U18s and Welsh Colleges.  Roids was selected to be in the squad for Coleg Sir Gar in the U18s final.  the venue for these matches was The Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

Herself and I picked up the olds at 11.30am and we made our way up the M4 towards Cardiff.  I had pre arranged parking at the stadium because both Roids' Nannas are registered disabled.  I have to say, if there is one thing the WRU have got right, it's how they treat disabled patrons.

We entered via gate 4 and were allowed through the security barrier into the car park deep under the stadium itself where someone was waiting for us to direct us to our reserved parkng, from there we were ushered straight into the lft to level 4.  Staff were waitng for us on level 4 and took us to the wheelchar platform and settled us in for the games.

 Nervously we waited for our game to start as the presentations were made to the U15 boys.

The game flew by, and Roids came on from the bench early n the 2nd half to play the game out at hooker.

It was a bit of a ding dong game, which Coleg Sir Gar narrowly lost.  However to us that didn't matter that much.  We had got to see our Roids play at The Millenium Stadium.  He acquitted himself well, his throwing in  was spot on and he even got himself onto the big screens in the stadium a few times.

We could not have been prouder, and I'll admit to having a little grit in my eye when he ran on!!

What a day

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