Thursday, 4 April 2013

Towing Mirrors

I am a cheapskate.  I know this, and herself is always nagging me for it.

I bought my last set of towing mirrors back in September 2010, and admit to not paying much at all for them.  Within weeks the rubber retaining straps had snapped and the clamping screws have never been easy to tighten and untighten.

That, I've lived with, but last weekend I very nearly skinned my fingers trying to tighten them up, and horror of horrors, the extending arms now have some rust spots on them.

They had to go, but at £25 for the pair, I consider myself to have had value for money with them lasting me well over 2 years.

I vowed to buy a decent set and spend decent money on  a new set, and settled down infront of the laptop to trawl Amazon and ebay for the best of the best.

That's as far as my good intentions went.  Have you seen the cost of these things??  In the end I settled on a pair of Milenco (there's a name you can trust in mirrors) Steady View Flat & Convex Towing Mirrors.

Amazon bill them as .......... The ALL NEW Budget mirror from Milenco. Pack contains both a single FLAT MIRROR & CONVEX. Individual bags for ease of storage. Conforms to new 'E' mark regulations. Universal fitting which is quick and easy, fitting instructions included on the box.

The word 'Budget' sold them to me, and at the unbelievable price of £13.20, if I get 2 years out of them I'll have had my money's worth.

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