Monday, 29 August 2016

Cornwall 2016 (Part 3)

Saturday 27 August

It is sunny when we wake up. but rather windy.  We tend to be going out late and staying out late these last few days ,,,,, mainly due to waiting for TF to get ready.

We had also intended top do a bit of fishing on our way back from Mevagissey last night but daylight and tide times robbed us of the opportunity, so that was to be put right as soon as we'd polished off a full breakfast.

Roids had told Herself about my exploits in the car park yesterday and she didn't trust me enough to go off without her today, so she gave us a lift down into Sennen Cove to do a spot of casting.  i hesitate to call it fishing as you have to actually catch fish to do that.

We make our way out onto the sea wall and settle down in the stiff wind for a few hours.  We didn't catch anything, but the young lads either side of us did.  They were float fishing though and not spinning like us!

I consider the outing a success though as we only lost 2 lots of tackle between us today.

Herself picks us up and we stop at the caravan long enough to part break camp. Roids and TF are leaving us in the morning so we take down their sleeping annex and clear away a load of clutter, loading up Roid's car ready for their departure.

We take a spin over to Cape Cornwall.  Herself had asked if she needed a change of footwear but not wanting to delay our departure further I said she'd be OK in sandals as we'd only go for a stroll along the path that overlooks Priest's Cove.

All was fine as we strolled past the holiday lets and around the headland, pausing for photo opportunities as we went.  the next piece of land in a straight line behind us is the southern tip of Greenland.

We now have a choice. either go back the way we came or go straight up and over the cliff. stopping to look at the Coast watch station half way up.  Herself looks at me. looks at the ascent and then down at her feet and her footwear.

I didn't wait for any words and just started climbing.  It was steep and the lactic acid was pumping into my calves by the gallon.  It is no coincidence that they have sited a defibrillator and a bench half way up!

All three of them make it to the top before me while I took a rest with the mountain goats doing likewise.  Well worth the climb though.

The decent was just as tortuous and Herself cussed and cursed at me for the duration.

We stopped off in St Just to grab a bite to eat before making a dash towards Penzance and the arcade once more.  We have tickets to cash in!

Back on site it's an early night as Roids and TF are leaving us at 5am.

Sunday 28 August

We are up before the sparrows have started farting to wave off Roids and TF in the darkness.  They head home today, but not directly, they are detouring to Hampshire to visit Beaulieu and the National Motor Museum - a 150 mile detour!

Climbing back into bed the sleep was not coming easily, however I did doze off again by 7am for an hour or so.  After the hectic last week I fancied a day of doing nothing and settled about sitting at a table in the awning tapping some keys while the Cornish mizzle enveloped the site.

My concentration is broken by sizzling bacon at 11am and over bacon butties we discuss plans for the day.  Herself wants to do a market, and there is only one in these parts so we gear ourselves up for another dash up country.

At 2pm we are pulling up at Cornish Market World just outside Saint Austell and I brace myself for my wallet to be assaulted.

The place is as big as we remembered and Herself groans as we happen across a stall selling fishing stuff.  In no time at all I am relieved of £20 for a fist full of stuff that I've no idea what so ever how to use!

The rest is a bit of a blur, but I seem to recall Herself holding her hand out frequently and stuffing stuff into my day sack. We sense that the sun has made an appearance so start to have concerns about Tali and Gwawr, even though we are parked up under a tree.

We move Vera around to the other side of the building where we know there is a public dog walking area where they can stretch their legs and I get to play with Tali's tennis ball gun.

We try out Tali's new Nerf ball blaster, but he's not really that interested.  It's not powerful enough!

Stopping briefly at Tesco for provisions we start to make our way back west with the intention of stopping off for a meal. We passed establishments in St Austell, Perranporth and Hayle that were all either too busy, full of kids, just serving a carvery or just too scruffy for Herself's liking.

I think I'm doing well in holding my tongue and we make it all the way back to Penzance, where on the outskirts the Lamb and Flag is deemed acceptable.  We both have fish, which was very good, before making our way back to site via the scenic coastal road through Newlyn and Mousehole.

We get back to site and my first job is to link up our Smart TV to some wifi so Herself can catch up on Casualty on iplayer.

I sit in the awning tapping some keys and making my way through a slab of Healey's cider while darkness descends.

It's very quiet here now that Ronnie. Roids and TF have all left us.

Monday 29 August

The forecast last night was looking superb for today and for once @DerekTheWeather is promising good weather for a Bank Holiday Monday.  With it set to be glorious we had no plans other that to get out our loungers. smother ourselves with used chip fat and catch some rays.

That was until we went to bed just before midnight.  I was just dozing off and Herself had a brainwave.  When she has these at bed time I'm usually informed of the occurrence by a sharp dig in the ribs to get my attention.  You see. we've been on the lookout for a new mat for Vera.s boot. the last one having been binned for smelling too doggy. and we've been unable to source a replacement.

Herself remembered where we got hold of the last jumbo sized one. so that is our mission for today.

First though I make my way over to the headland overlooking Sennen with the dogs. I take in the view while they run around and Gwawr starts a bit of landscape gardening.

Back at the van Herself has been busying herself and a pile of bacon is waiting to be thrown between half a loaf of bread for breakfast.

With full bellies we fast track over to Praa Sands before it gets too hot. park up in a shaded spot and run into the discount store that sells everything - including jumbo sized dog beds.  With that mission ticked off we make our way back west towards site and set out the loungers in readiness for a day of doing bugger all.

I'm just settling down and Herself says "Didn't you need to do some washing today?"  She's right. as I'm fast running out of clean shreddies. so up I get and drag out our camping twin tub. feeding hot water via the shower hose through the window for the task.

With shreddies washed and on the line drying I settle down in the recliner.  Herself then pipes up "Didn't you want to re level the caravan today?"  She is of course right as the van is sloping to the rear and stopping the drains working properly.

With that task ticked off I'm just about to sit down and blow the froth off a cold one when she piped up again " and you were going to sort out the lights in the awning."

I do that while she takes the dogs off for a few laps of the field and am in my recliner pretending to be asleep when she gets back.  I  must have nodded off at some point as when she woke me to ask what time we were eating I had Niagra Falls cascading down me tee shirt front.

A few steaks are thrown on the Weber while Herself sorted out stuff to go with them.  I stayed outside admiring them cook while guzzling Corona and lime.

Our evening meal was superb, and even if I do say so myself, I nailed the steaks bang on.

With tea out of the way thought turned to how to spend the evening.  If we stay in I'll be snoring by 9pm so Herself suggests Lands End.  It's a wonderful time of the day to visit as all the crowds have gone home.

We take a table out on the terrace overlooking Longships.  We can see up towards St Ives and down towards The Lizard. as the light fades we can also see the lighthouse flashing on The Scilly Isles some 28 miles off shore.

What a superb place to spend time to finish off a glorious day.

Till Part 4 ............

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