Thursday, 23 July 2015

Difficult Circumstances at Llanmadoc


We had to think long and hard about taking this little break.  We were supposed to be our 2 week holiday in Norfolk but rather tragic events close to home necessitated a cancellation.

You see, rather tragically, at the age of just 44, Herself's sister passed away last week.  Herself was understandably in bits and a holiday the last thing on her mind.

With work leave arrangements fixed, and still a week until the funeral, Herself agreed that a few nights in the van may be OK, just so long as we were close enough so that she could see Creaky and Grumbles every day.

Friday 10 July

Today was Herself's birthday, but understandably there were no celebrations.  Finding a site close by was no easy task as there is a steam fair on at Pembrey and the Swansea Bay air show is also taking place this weekend.

Some frantic finger swiping on the iPad and a few phone calls later has us a booking at Phillistone Farm on the tip of the Gower. It's a site we've been to before and know it'll be very quiet.

We spend the morning  with Creaky and Grumbles before hitching up tearfully, promising to see them tomorrow.

The roads onto the peninsular are quiet and the views spectacular.  Herself wells up as we cruise along an open stretch and she looks out over the estuary towards the development at Machynys where her sister's house sits next to the golf course.

Due to what I can only put down to a senior moment I shot straight past the turning to take us over Kennexstone moor.  This necessitated turning the outfit around here whilst a sizable queue of traffic grew either side of us.

I managed it ....... just ........ but was sweating like a peado in a creche by the time we were done!

We pull onto the site after negotiating a few miles of single track lanes, but thankfully met nothing coming the other way, and are set up in no time with delightful views over Broughton Bay.

The outfit next to us looks strangely familiar and I think it's the people that were pitched here last July when we stopped for two nights.  30 mins later all is confirmed as Bob the border collie comes bounding into site and introduces himself to our two.

We back track as far as CKs for some provisions and get mugged for the pleasure.  Ronnie and FG meet us there and follow us back to site where they are to stop with us for a few days.

Saturday 11 July, Sunday 12 July, Monday 13 July

The next few days are a bit of a blur really.  The olds came over every day to visit and be fed, we sat around a lot, taking in the surroundings, but mainly just being together in very tranquil surroundings.

The only places visited were CKs in Penclawdd and Asda in Gorseinon for provisions.

Some walks on the fantastic beach eased the pain briefly for Herself, but it would be fair to say that a box of Kleenex was not far away at all for the duration of our stay.

I've had a weekend of breaking stuff.  Firstly I broke the plastic hinges on the freezer door trying to get some ice out of it, I've done a repair job with some super glue, but given that they are under tension I don't have any faith in the repair lasting very long, and I also lost my balance when cleaning the floor and broke the top cover of the room heater!

Tuesday 14 July

Having dropped the awning last night after it had dried out, breaking camp this morning took no time at all.  We were pulling up outside home by 10.30am and Herself went straight over to sit with creaky and Grumbles while I inched teh van back into her hidey hole before shooting up to Ennis Caravans in search of some spares.

I thought long and hard about writing and indeed publishing this blog, but in the end decided to do so.  When I started out writing it, it was just intended to be a holiday diary for me to refer back to over time.  Sorry if it's not up to the usual standard, but this time that is just how it is.  We went away but did not do much.

Dreading tomorrow and what that is going to bring.

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