Monday, 17 June 2013

Gone Too Soon But Never Forgotten

On the last day of May
Our world turned up side down
When our family lost it's own lovable clown

From childhood to adulthood
The memories flow
Life just isn't the same without you in tow

We all bristled with pride that morning
And looked on in glee
As we watched you take over GMTV

From Mersey to Memphis
Was the name of your show
That was you in your element for those in the know

Your passing leaves chasms
In the lives of all those that you touched
Oh, Andrew Woodward, we miss you so much

Tomorrow marks the end
The end of your tour
And what makes it so painful is there will be no last encore

So, rest in peace Andrew
And reflect on your life with pride
As you sit on that cloud with The King at your side.

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