Friday, 15 March 2013

I've Been Unfaithful

And I feel really bad about it.  She did everything I asked of her, with a minimal amount of groaning.

She's done nothing wrong, and as adulterers always say, ".............. it was me and not her."  It's no excuse, I know, but the spark just wasn't there anymore.  I didn't even have the decency to tell her what was going on, though she must have suspected something was up when I took my personal number plate off her.

Mandy is no longer part of my life, and I feel a little guilty about it.

It's all the Caravan Club's fault. I though I was done with 4x4s, but ever since I won that competition with them before Xmas and they loaned us a Nissan 4x4, I've been trawling the pages of Autotrader for something with a little more grunt.

Two weeks ago, herself and I set off on a mission to look at as many 4x4s as we could in South Wales in one day.  It soon became apparent that there are a lot of people oit there trying to charge a lot of money to sell on heaps of shit.

We looked at X Trails, Pathfinders, Rav4s, Outlanders, Freelanders, XC90s as well as Captivas.  Herself had had enough and wanted to pack it in for the day, but as we were close I insisted that we take a look at one last 4x4.

In the bitterly cold wind I trudged through the lines of used vehicles for sale, not holding out too much hope after the many disappointments of the day, when she appeared before my eyes as a vision of loveliness.

All highly polished black and a lot of chrome.  I was immediately taken.  She comes with full leather interior and enough toys to keep Richard Hammond busy for months (and me confused for years).  I took her out for a test drive and she'd already got her claws into me.

When most men trade in their women for a new model, they usually go for a slimmer more nimble model.  Not me though, I have fallen for a German Shot-putter!!!!!!!

Meet the new lady in my life ............. Miranda.

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