Monday, 26 November 2012

It's Arrived

I feel like a kid who's just gone downstairs to see if Santa has been on Christmas morning!

The X Trail that Nissan are loaning us arrived late this afternoon and is sitting patiently in the driveway until the insurance documents are emailed over to us for signing in the morning.

A very nice man from Trackworks was present at the handover, and gave me a quick rundown on how to use most of the kit on the car (and there's lots of it).

We're ready to roll on Wednesday morning, and I'm looking forward to test out the X Trail's towing capability.  So if you see us at Chatsworth Park, Beechwood Grange or Chester Fair Oaks say hello, but do it loudly because I'm deaf!!!!!

I havn't broken the news to Mandy yet that she's not coming on holiday with us, and I'm waiting for the backlash in the morning after she spotted me reversing the X upto the van and hooking up to test the lights.

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