Sunday, 8 July 2012

Llangennech RFC Juniors (without the juniors)

Friday 6 July

Buoyed on by the good news from Mrs Shag that it was not raining in South West Wales, we packed up a few hours early in the tipping it down rain to make our way to Pembrey Country Park for the weekend with Llangennech RFC junior section.

Through heavy rain, Mandy ploughed ahead diligently as we watched for clearing skies.  We got as far as Beula and it was still raining, Llandovery saw no change and nor did Llandelio.  I got soaked in Carmarthen when we stopped off to get a new gas bottle at 3As Caravans and the wipers were still going flat out as we bypassed Kidwelly onto the Pembrey flats.

The man on the barrier cheerfully directs us towards pitches 1 & 2 in the camping area, and as we turn the corner we note there are only  3 units here so far.

Herself leaves me to set up while she goes and gets some shopping done.  We need alcohol, and lots of it!

I get soaked through setting up but console myself that it's done and look forward to a slice of Bara Brith.

Surprise, surprise!  Mr Shag has a lot on in work today and will not be arriving till later on. Mr Tatasports has towed his van down for him before returning home for his own.

I just sit down in the van and Mrs Shag arrives and pops her head in announcing that they have bought a new awning and I have volunteered to put it up.  I make my tea last as long as possible, but I can see that Mrs Shag is getting a bit impatient and the awning will go up with or without my help.

It's absolutely tipping down and we are confronted with a load of bundled poles, some material and no instructions!

All I can say is, we would have done OK on the Krypton Factor!

The rain is relentless, and apart from Mr Tatasports and Cochyn's mam and dad, no one else turns up tonight.

Mr Shag rolls up in his big red van at around 7pm and we have a few quick beers before he retires for supper and bed.

We go to bed at 11pm to the sound of rain hammering on the van roof.

Saturday 7 July

We wake, and for some reason cannot hear rain on the roof.  A peak outside reveals it's not raining - yey!  Reports are that we've had a month's rain in 24 hours.  The new water feature in the middle of our awning is testimony to this.

As the morning wears on there are still no more arrivals.  We have two huge pitches and so far we are only 4 caravans and 3 tents.  If you take out ourselves, Mr & Mrs Shag as well as Mr & Mrs Tatasports, who are no longer really part of the junior section, it's a pretty poor show and I feel sorry for Mr Chairman who's efforts in organising the weekend are wasted.

The weather continues to be dry, but a little windy.  Mr Shag fancies putting up his new annexe, but we again have no instructions.  A trip over to the fence at the Caravan Club site adjacent to steal some wifi sorts the problem and the annexe goes up.

Mr Shag then decides to sort out the back of his works van, and our part of Pembrey looks like a gyppo camp.

The sun comes out in the afternoon, and it's Bow O'Clock. A very pleasant afternoon is spent drinking and cooking food on the BBQs (in the sun mind!). I must admit that I had a bit of a buzz on very early doors.

This is what caravanning should be like all the time.  The evening draws in, but we are all still sat outside as it gets dark.  Mr Shag and my boy #2 go off in the hunt of some wood to burn.  They return, but with all the rain yesterday the logs are really damp and it's a real struggle to get a decent fire going and we give up after about 2 hours and turn in.

Sunday 8 July

We wake to the sunshine streaming into the van.  Yes, that's right.  Sunshine!

It's hot, but nice to pack away in the dry.  Packing up is done slowly, taking time to sit and chat in the sun.


  1. Caravan's a bit like a boat, only faster! Same challenge to pack everything into a small space - same 12 volt accessories, same need to watch how much you're draining the batteries. I use a lightweight breathable two peice golf suit thingy when going out in the rain (or travelling in it, steering the boat out in the open) can't be avoided. Its the bees knees mun - the suit I mean.

  2. Everything (except the tv) in the van will run off gas or battery, but in reality we are very rarely away from a 240v hook up!
    For keeping dry I just rely on an outdoor coat and one of those leather Australian hats that makes me look like Mongo from Blazing Saddles!