Saturday, 18 February 2012

Missing The Shogun

Woke this morning to a howling wind and the threat of rain.  Any ideas of a leasurly breakfast were quickly dispersed with, and we got on with the task of packing up to head off.

Just as we finished, herself takes the dogs off for a walk and the heavens opened.

Back in the car, hitched up and ready to go, my newly purchased AA road atlas gets consulted.  Tom Tom wants to take us back towards Bishops Castle and then the A488 through Knighton to Llandrindod Wells.  Don't let the 'A' classification fool you with this road, it makes for a rather interesting tow indeed (as we found out on Wednesday).

At 111 miles it's 16 miles longer than Tom Tom's preferred route, but the plan is to head for Newtown, Llanurig, then the A470 to Newbridge on Wye and then Llandovery and Home.  A much easier road to tow on.

Ah yes, The Shogun and missing it.

I was lucky enough to tow with big 4x4s from 2007 onwards, and since 2008 we had The Shogun.  The beast was a great towing machine, but this summer I was finding it increasingly difficult to justify to myself the huge ammounts of money it was costing just to put fuel in her.  So we changed to Mandy.

Stability at speed isn't an issue, because the caravan is fitted with Alko's Trailer stabilty device, but today whilst driving home, it rained and it rained and it rained.  real proper Welsh heavy rain too, leaving inches of standind water on the roads, and at times Mandy was scrabbling for traction.

Anyway, home safe, van emptied and put away.  Now where to go next?

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