Thursday, 16 February 2012

Grand day out

Herself is having a bit of trouble with her ankle, and extended walks are out of the question today, so like a pair of pensioners, flask of tea made, we set off on a jolly for the day.

Heading north through some fantastic countryside we make our way to Llangollen.  It strikes us that not many poor people live in these parts, the roads are awash with BMW X5s and Range Rover Sports, and the average property price must be upwards of 300k.

Llangollen is very picturesque and we are treated to the sight of 'Thomas The Tank' steam locomotive leaving the station.  We head up onto the Horseshoe pass, climbing quite steeply to the summit.  Herself is rather reluctant to get out of Mandy, and at 1368ft, it was a bloody coat colder exposed to the elements, and I can't really blame her as she only has a 'Town Coat' with us.

The Penderosa Cafe sits on the Summit and was doing a roaring trade, but playing at being pensioners we has come armed with a flask!  I walk the dogs whilst herself gets a brew on for us in Mandy.

The Horseshoe pass is a great piece of road, and I secretly wish I was 20 years younger, with a bit more bottle to have a good go at it.

Some flowers strapped to a tree on one of the bends brings me back to my senses and I ease off the gas and herself starts to relax a bit more.

Back in Llangollen it's shorts and tee shirts weather  compared to up on the top, and lunch is provided by the local Co-op in the shape of egg sarnies and crisps, as we head south in search of a picnic spot.

Can I find one? Not for the bloody life of me.  This area seriously lacks picnic spots.

Herself can tell I'm getting agitated and offers me s sandwich to eat while driving.  I bite her head off and we carry on until I stumble across a picnic site at somewhere invitingly called 'Oswestry Old Racetrack'. In reality, although very scenic, it id just somewhere that the good people of Oswestry take their dogs to shit!

Ours get to stretch their legs again before we head back to the site, stopping off at 'Harry's' for provisions.

I like a good spin out I do, sussed out a few caravan sites for future reference as well.

Spent the evening happily cwtched up in the van with some Cobra beer for company.

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